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Minimum Housing/Derelict Building Concern Form

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    Minimum Housing/Derelict Building Concern Form

    The purpose of the Minimum Housing Code is to insure the health, safety and welfare of the citizens within the Town of Boone’s jurisdiction.  The Town of Boone ensures compliance by either encouraging voluntary compliance or by following enforcement procedures set forth in the Town Code.

    Tenants:  If you are a tenant and there is an issue with your dwelling or property, we encourage you to contact your landlord or property manager to seek resolution of the problem if you have not already done so.  If you wish to file a complaint under the Town’s Minimum Housing Code, you may file this form with the Planning and Inspections Department or call to speak to an Inspector.

    Others:  If you notice a dwelling or property in disrepair that may constitute a safety or life-threat issue, feel free to either file this form with the Planning and Inspections Department or call to speak to an Inspector.

    Please note, owners/landlords/leasing agents will be provided with notice and an opportunity to respond to all complaints.  

    Please also be advised that state law protects tenants who make a good faith complaint to a government agency about a landlord’s alleged violation of any health or safety law, or any regulation, code, ordinance, or State or federal law that regulates premises used for dwelling purposes.   Landlords are prohibited by state law from filing retaliatory evictions against tenants for making such a complaint.   Tenants’ rights under this law cannot be waived by a contrary lease provision. See N.C. General Statutes § 42-37.1 et seq.  

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