Boone Police Ride Along Information and Application


The Town of Boone's Police Department offers a "Ride Along" program. So, what is a ride along? A ride along is one of the best ways to experience what it’s like to become a qualified law enforcement officer in the United States. Join a Boone police officer and learn what it’s like policing in Boone. Perhaps you aren’t quite sure what a career as a law enforcement officer involves and would like some real-life insight. This is a great opportunity to learn more!

Ride Along Program Procedure:

  • Submit a complete application (Must submit application a minimum of 2 weeks prior to requested ride along date, last minute requests will not be accepted); 
  • Applicants must undergo a background investigation; 
  • Applicants will be contacted by department personnel with approval/disapproval for ride along program, and the ride along date will be confirmed if approved; 
  • Participants will report to the Boone Police Department (located at 1500 Blowing Rock Road) on time and be in proper dress code; 
    • Please dress "business casual". Please wear a button-down shirt/blouse, slacks/skirt, and closed-toed shoes.
    • Please check the weather beforehand, and dress accordingly.
  • An Officer will be assigned to the participant and the participant will be under the Officer’s authority for the duration of the Ride Along Program; 
  • The Ride Along Program can be terminated at anytime for a participant that displays conduct unbecoming of a Ride Along Program participant

Ride Along Program Conduct Guidelines:

  • No weapons of any kind are allowed by participants;
  • Participants must be in dress code when reporting for ride along. Participants not in proper dress code will be denied and will need to reapply;
  • Participants must follow instructions of Officers at all times; 
  • Participants must remain inside police vehicle unless the Officer gives directions to exit;
  • Participants will exhibit professional behavior when accompanying Officers in public;
  • Questions by participants are encouraged and Officers will be happy to share information with participants. Unprofessional comments or actions by participants will not be tolerated.