Other Commercial and Industrial Wastewater Dischargers Guidance


In order to help keep our Jimmy Smith Wastewater Treatment Facility and sewers running properly, there are certain liquid wastes that need special consideration prior to disposal to the sewer. 

  • All customers discharging wastewater other than bathroom and/or break room wastewater are required to fill out the Short Form Industrial Waste Survey (PDF). These industries include, but are not limited to businesses like car washes, groundwater remediation projects, breweries, and small to large manufacturers
  • Certain dischargers may need to fill out the Town of Boone Industrial User Wastewater Survey and Discharger Permit Application (PDF). To learn more, please contact Karen Reece, Pretreatment Coordinator.
  • All customers should protect drains from accidental spills of harmful substances or hazardous wastes and must contact the Jimmy Smith Wastewater Treatment Facility to alert staff as soon as possible if a large spill reaches the sewer.

Listed below are pamphlets, created by the Town of Boone, for specific business sectors which generate wastes that may not be compatible with sewer treatment without special handling. Each pamphlet highlights ways ways to manage the industry’s typical wastewaters, including recommendations on alternatives that are both less hazardous and also appropriate for discharge to the sewer. It's a win-win for all!

Helpful Resources

If you are unsure about disposal practices, please contact Karen Reece, Pretreatment Coordinator, for assistance.