Transportation and Fleet

Sustainable Transportation

What is sustainable transportation? When it comes to the Town of Boone, sustainable transportation is using any type of vehicle which does not burn fossil fuels like gasoline or diesel.  Examples include electric vehicles, such as cars and scooters, and 'human powered' vehicles such as bicycles, rollerblades, and skateboards. 

Green Transportation in Town Vehicles

One way the Town of Boone is starting to "Green Our Fleet" is by retiring our old, fossiTown of Boone Hybrid Police Carl-fuel powered vehicles and replacing them with hybrid or electric vehicle counterparts. In FY 2019/2020 alone, the Town of Boone's fleet drove 715,000 miles, using 52,000 gallons of gasoline and 21,300 gallons of diesel. In addition to the Town's fleet, the Town of Boone's employees commuted 854,750 miles, resulting in the use of an additional 53,421 gallons of gasoline. Added together, the amount of CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere 1,154 tons, which is the equivalent to 1,384 acres of deforestation/year! This is why we are cycling out the older models of vehicles and bringing in their EV and Hybrid counterparts. While the change can't be instantaneous, many departments are willingly purchasing more ecofriendly vehicles.

The Town of Boone's Police Department is purchasing 7 new hybrid vehicles during FY 2021/2022 (3 Toyota Rav4 hybrids and 5 Ford Police Interceptor hybrids) to add to the 5 already purchased Ford Police Interceptor hybrids. The Town of Boone's Fire Department is purchasing 2 F150 Hybrids as well. Other departments in the Town, including Planning and Inspections and Administration, each have 1 hybrid vehicle. By slowly cycling out older vehicles and replacing a few each year with their hybrid or EV counterparts, the Town of Boone's municipal fleet will eventually become 100% electric.

In order to sustain this amount of EV vehicles, George is researching how many EV chargers will be needed at the new Bolick property. 

Making Sustainable Transportation Assessable to All

The purchase of any vehicle, whether it's a scooter or a car, isn't something that can be taken lightly, and we understand that! That's why the Town of Boone wants to not only support EV owners, but also support our public transport system with their transition to EV buses.White Tesla Charging at Boone Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Future EV Projects in the Works

Charging stations are a key component when purchasing an EV. Will there be charging stations near by? What happens if I run out of power and there isn't a charging station nearby? Just like with gas stations, when planning a trip out of town or even just a local staycation shopping experience, having the peace of mind that you can get home is a must. That is why Boone is planning on adding additional EV chargers around the Boone area! Currently, the Town of Boone has 5 charging stations throughout Boone, with the capacity to charge 7 vehicles at the same simultaneously. We want to support you if you purchase a hybrid or EV vehicle, and the best way to do that is to ensure adequate charging opportunities!

AAppalCart LogoppalCART, the local transit system, has recently been rewarded a $1,001,500 grant through the Diesel Bus and Vehicle Program and the Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program in order to start transforming the public transport system we all are acquainted with into a green transit system. The Town of Boone pledged $22,000 in order to help fund an EV charging station that can accommodate buses. By greening the AppalCART system, citizens, students and tourists alike can rest easy knowing that the bus system in Boone is clean, green and free (for students at least)! For more information on the grant AppalCART received, please read the following article: AppalCART, App State receive $1 million for electric bus, charging station.

Simple Tips and and Tricks to Become and Eco-Conscious Commuter

  • One of the simplest ways to reduce your carbon footprint when commuting is to use a non-fuel powered source. Walking, biking, skateboarding, whatever it is this is the easiest and most cost effective way of travelling! Just make sure to always look both ways when crossing the street!
  • Ride the Bus! Currently, the buses in Boone aren't electric, meaning that they do emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. However, the impact of one bus pales in comparison to the emissions 30+ non-EV vehicles produce while driving.
  • Invest in an EV or hybrid vehicle! If you have the opportunity, we encourage you to purchase an EV or hybrid vehicle for your daily use.