Landscape Division

The Town of Boone's Landscape Division is in charge of the maintenance for many well known and well loved areas in Boone. From the hanging baskets found in Downtown Boone during the summer, to the parks that the children in Boone play in year round, the Landscape Division is in charge of the maintenance and beautification of these areas. Without this division, we wouldn't have many of the things that draw students, tourists and residents to our little mountain town!


  • Maintenance of 70 Flower Beds and Beautification Areas
  • Maintenance of:
    • Greenway Trail
    • Junaluska Park
    • North Street Park
    • Jaycee Park
    • Strawberry Hill
    • Jones House Community Center Grounds
  • Maintenance of 1,000 plus Town Trees
  • Design, Installation and Maintenance of All New Town Landscaping Projects
  • Town Christmas Decorations
  • Landscape Inspections