Water Maintenance

Utilities Operations Division

The Utilities Operations Division provides for all aspects of installation, operation, and maintenance of the water distribution system and the wastewater collection, the Five Year Capital Improvement Plan system, plus other special services to other divisions. This includes responding to thousand of customer service requests yearly.

  1. Water Main Repair
  2. Fire Hydrant Maintenance

The Town of Boone has over 125 miles of water mains ranging in size from 2 inches to 16 inches in the water distribution system. Some of these lines (found in the older areas of town) are over 80 years old. Most water main failures occur during the winter months.

If you notice water coming from under the street pavement, leaking from a fire hydrant or collecting around a water meter, there could be a leak from a water main or service line. You may also notice a problem if your water bill is unusually high, or utility readers may detect a leak while reading your meter.

The Utilities Operations Division is responsible for maintaining the line leading to your home or business’s meter, and of the meter itself. The property owner is responsible for the service line beyond the water meter and the rest of the property’s plumbing. Every year, the Town of Boone releases an Annual System Report detailing the General Information, System Description and Performance of the Collection System and Wastewater Treatment Plant.