Community Appearance Commission


The Community Appearance Commission (CAC) is an advisory board that makes recommendations to Town Council on the visual appearance, community beautification, and landscape development that affect the Town.  

This page includes tabs to learn more about the BOA's upcoming Meetings, Meeting Information, Membership, and Powers and Duties.

  1. Upcoming Meetings (Calendar, Agendas, & Minutes)

Please view the 2023 Town of Boone Meeting Calendar (PDF) to review meeting dates and associated deadlines.  

Please view the Town of Boone Meeting Portal to view the agendas or minutes of upcoming or past meetings of the: Board of Adjustment, Community Appearance Commission, Downtown Boone Development Association (DBDA), Historic Preservation Commission, Human Resources Commission, Planning Commission, Town Council, and Sustainability Committee.

  1. Meeting Information
  1. Membership Including Current Roster
  1. Powers and Duties