Backflow / Cross-Connection

Backflow Prevention Assemblies

The Town of Boone is required by law to have a cross-connection control program to assure the public water system is adequately protected from the potential dangers of backflow and cross-connections.

This can only be accomplished by the installation of an approved mechanical device and annual testing. This will prevent contaminated water from re-entering the distribution system. These devices are called “Backflow Prevention Assemblies” and are required to be installed on all commercial water lines, lawn irrigation lines, and fire sprinkler lines connected to the Town of Boone’s distribution system.

All “Backflow Prevention Assemblies” must be installed by a licensed plumber and tested by a Town-approved certified tester annually to maintain compliance with the program requirements.

  1. Backflow Information
  2. Cross-Connection Information

Water distribution systems are designed with the intention of the water flowing in a certain direction, from the distribution system to the consumer. However, hydraulic conditions within the can change from normal conditions, causing the water to floe in the opposite direction. This is called “Backflow”. Backflow can occur in two ways: 

Back Siphonage:

Sometimes the pressure in the distribution system will drop because of water main breaks or the opening of fire hydrants and create a siphon affect and cause the water and or contaminants from the consumer side to be siphoned back into the distribution system. This is called Back Siphonage. 

Back Pressure

Some customers have objectionable materials on their premises under pressure by the use of pumps, injection units, boilers, etc. The large amount of pressure will cause the water and or contaminants from the consumer’s side to push its way back into the distribution system therefore, contaminating the distribution system. This is called Back Pressure.