Recycling Program

OverviewBoone Recycling

The Town of Boone provides curbside sanitation and recycling services to all town residents in order to guard our natural beauty and reduce landfill waste. Sanitation is serviced on a weekly basis while recycling is serviced bi-weekly. Both services are provided through a contract with Republic Services, Inc.

Residential collection of sanitation and recycling is on the same day of the week with no exceptions.  The Town of Boone has a Sanitation and Recycling Route, which may be change periodically. Every other week, the Town of Boone picks up recycling, which is documented on the Town of Boone Recycling Calendar.

The recycling program is on a volunteer basis. The town provides free residential recycling carts, which are available by contacting either of the Public Works Department or the Republic Services, Incorporated - Boone Office.

  1. Commercial Recycling Collection
  2. Multi-Family Recycling Collection
  3. Office Recycling Collection
  4. Residential Recycling Collection

Who Qualifies

This recycling collection program is designed for restaurants with ABC Permits. Effective January 1, 2008, the North Carolina General Assembly House Bill 1518 requires holders of certain ABC Permits to recycle recyclable containers of all beverages sold at retail on the premises.

The Town of Boone provides restaurants 18-gallon bins to collect these items inside the establishment. Recyclable items collected include all colors of glass and plastic bottles as well as aluminum cans. Restaurants required to recycle may contact a hauler of their choice to comply with House Bill 1518.

Old Corrugated Cardboard Collection

Republic Services, Incorporated runs a weekly scheduled route for old corrugated cardboard for small businesses. Contact the Town of Boone at 828-268-6230 to participate.