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Neighborhood Conservation Districts

Neighborhood Conservation Districts (NCD) are established as overlay districts in certain residential areas to stabilize and maintain a suitable low-density living environment.  To help meet that goal, rental properties within a NCD are required to meet the following (pursuant to UDO Section 14.41):

  1. All tenants of rental property must complete and file a Residential Parking Registration Form with the Planning and Inspections Department. Tenants must provide personal identification, vehicle registration, and proof of residency when applying. 
  2. Tenants meeting eligibility requirements will be issued parking stickers for their vehicle(s) for the appropriate neighborhood district which must be permanently attached to eligible vehicles. Annual renewal and nominal fees are required. 
  3. No more than two unrelated persons per dwelling unit will be issued parking stickers.
  4. Owners of rental property residing more than fifty (50) miles from Boone must designate in writing a local managing agent residing within Watauga County that will be responsible for all matters concerning occupancy of such rental property, and must provide the Administrator with the agent’s name, address and telephone number. 
  5. Owners or local managing agents of rental property must notify tenants of applicable Neighborhood Conservation District requirements. 

Use the Town's interactive zoning map to determine if your property is located within a Neighborhood Conservation District Overlay.

Each NCD has a special brochure titled "Caring for Our Neighborhood".  Please see below for PDF versions of all brochures.

Access online Violation/Concern Form here. 

Caring for Our Neighborhood Brochures