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Neighborhood Conservation District Program

The Town of Boone has a Neighborhood Conservation District Program established in certain residential areas to promote public health, safety, and welfare; to stabilize and maintain a suitable low-density living environment for family life; and to maintain and preserve the value of existing property. 

Resources Available

Within this page are tabs (select the tabs below) that provide further information about:

  • The Neighborhood Conservation District (NCD) program, such as tenant requirements and if your property is within an NCD. 
  • Detailed information from the Town of Boone's Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) regarding occupancy that applies to NCD areas. 
  • Information about Minimum Housing requirements and how to submit a concern to the Town of Boone. 
  • Housing Resource links for further questions about renting and references to North Carolina General Statutes. 
  1. Neighborhood Conservation Districts
  2. Occupancy Limitations
  3. Minimum Housing
  4. Housing Resources
  5. Caring for Our Neighborhoods

Neighborhood Conservation Districts

Neighborhood Conservation Districts (NCD) are established as zoning overlay districts which include specific regulatory requirements for a rental property to promote public health, safety, and welfare; to stabilize and maintain a suitable low-density living environment for family life; and to maintain and preserve the value of existing property

Rental properties within a NCD are required to meet the following requirements:

  1. Parking Sticker Requirements: Every tenant living in rental property within an NCD must file an NCD Residential Parking Registration Form with the Planning and Inspections Department each year or as soon as possible after the lease begins.  Information required with the application includes personal identification (such as a Driver’s License or Government issued ID), vehicle registration, and proof of residency.  Tenants issued a parking sticker(s) for their vehicle(s) for the appropriate NCD must permanently attach stickers to the vehicle(s). No more than two unrelated persons per dwelling unit will be issued parking stickers.
  2. Local Managing Agent:  Owners of rental property residing more than 50 miles from Boone must designate in writing a local managing agent residing within Watauga County that will be responsible for all matters concerning occupancy of such rental property. Owners must also provide the Administrator with the agent's name, address, and telephone number. 
  3. Notification Requirements:  Owners or local managing agents of rental property must notify tenants of applicable NCD requirements.

Residential Occupancy Control

Occupancy in these areas is limited to either one family or up to two unrelated persons. A dwelling occupied by a family (but not unrelated persons) may also have one (1) roomer. 

For further information on the Unified Development Ordinance definitions, see the Occupancy Limitations tab above. 

Other Resources


Planning and Inspections Staff will assess issues involving NCD requirements or occupancy year-round. 

Access online Violation/Concern Form here. 

Is my property within a Neighborhood Conservation District? 

Visit the Town's interactive zoning GIS map to determine if your property is located within a Neighborhood Conservation District Overlay. You can use this tool to search for your address, and under the Layers tab, scroll to select the Neighborhood Conservation District option to view all NCD areas within the Town. 

NCD Flyers

Each NCD has a special brochure titled "Caring for Our Neighborhood".  Please see below for PDF versions of all brochures.

Caring for Our Neighborhood Brochures