Project Manager Liaisons


The Town of Boone Planning & Inspections Department provides Project Manager Liaisons for every application within the Town of Boone's jurisdiction.  The Project Manager Liaison will serve as the primary point of contact throughout the life of your project.  

Project Manager Liaison Responsibilities

  • Serves as the primary point of contact between the applicant and the Town during the application process
  • Provides applicants with information and assistance related to development activities, procedures, fees, forms, or other issues
  • Reviews applications and plans needed for development approvals; verify compliance with applicable codes/regulations 
  • Provides interpretations of codes and regulations governing the application
  • Facilitates communications and coordinates activities amongst Town departments (Fire, Public Works- Services & Utilities) and outside agencies (NCDOT, NCDEMLR) related to the application
  • Issues zoning- or building-related permits (depending on Project Manager Liaison responsibilities)
  • Coordinates inspections for each application
  • Answers zoning- or building-related questions for properties within their districts

Project Manager Liaison Contacts - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Phone:  828-268-6960